OSRAM Advanced 27W,

150cm, 830, 3060 (lm), 3000K, High Lumen

  • Artnr: OS4052899937598

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-       5 års garanti från tillverkaren

-       G13 Lampsockel

-       Ej dimbar

-       50.000 tim livslängd (L70)

-       27W lampeffekt (ersätter 58W)

-       220-240 (V) spänning

-       3060 (lm) ljusflöde

-       80-89 (Ra) % färgåtergivning

-       1500mm längd, 27,5mm diameter

-       Driftdon konventionell

-       Spridningsvinkel 160 grader

-       3000 (K) Kelvin

-       IP20




Ersätter traditionella T8 lysrör med konventionellt driftdon (glimtändare)

Sparar upp till 60% energi!



Product benefits 

  • Quick, simple and safe replacement without rewiring
  • Energy savings of up to 60 % (compared to T8 fluorescent lamp on CCG)
  • Instant-on light, therefore ideally suitable in combination with sensor technology
  • Very high resistance to switching loads
  • Also suitable for operation at low temperatures
  • Extremely break resistant thanks to aluminum heat sink and polycarbonate cover

Areas of application 

  • General illumination within ambient temperatures from –20…+50 °C
  • Illumination of production areas
  • Traffic zones and corridors
  • Supermarkets and department stores
  • Industry

Product features 

  • LED alternative to classic T8 fluorescent lamps in CCG luminaires
  • Bright, robust and durable
  • Uniform illumination
  • Wide beam angle: 160° (0.6 m), 150° (1.2 m, 1.5 m)
  • Mercury-free and RoHS compliant
  • Type of protection: IP20
  • Integrated ECG with high power factor

Equipment / Accessories 

  • Suitable for operation with low-loss and conventional control gears

Safety advice
Not suitable for operation with electronic control gear.

Legal advice
When used to replace a T8 fluorescent lamp the total energy efficiency and light distribution depends on the design of the lighting system.