LUNIS, 35W, 3000K, 40°

Spotlight från OSRAM/Siteco

  • Artnr: OS4055462033017

Beskrivning av artikel

  • 2620lm
  • 3000K
  • Ra > 90
  • Livslängd 50.000 timmar



The spotlights of the Lunis® SL-T family have been designed for use in the world of sales, as well as in food and non-food areas. With three available housing colours (matt black, matt white and silver) they blend harmoniously into a wide variety of surroundings as well as aesthetically sophisticated applications, setting specific light accents. The spots are available in two lighting technologies: LED or HIT lamps.
For the attractive display of goods, Lunis® SL-T LED spotlights have outstanding colour rendering properties (CRI = 93), and thanks to intelligent binning have very good colour constancy within the family over their complete lifespans. Flexibility is provided with two lumen packages, two light colours, reflectors with various beam angles as well as clip-on glare protection.
The versions for HIT lamps are available with differing wattages and various beam angles. Accessories include dichroic colour filters, UV and IR filters as well as a champagne-coloured reflector for optimal display of goods and as clip-on glare protection.
In addition to the Lunis® SL-T family for 3-phase tracks, the spots are also available as Modario® spotlight modules for integrating into Modario® trunking systems.

Special features

  • flexible spotlight range for retail applications
  • harmonious blending into store and supermarket environments due to purist design and three housing colours
  • can be rotated through 360° and tilted through 60°
  • mounting options: to 3-phase track or integration in Modario® trunking systems
  • reflectors with various beam angles, glare protection available as accessory
  • with LED technology or for HIT lamps
  • efficient LED technology with upgrade option
  • optimal presentation of goods with CRI = 93
  • very good colour constancy within the family over the complete lifespan thanks to intelligent binning
  • HIT version for high luminous flux levels
  • dichroic colour filter for the food sector available with HIT lamp configurations
  • dichroic UV and IR filters for museums and galleries for example, available with HIT lamp configurations


Housing and luminaire head of diecast aluminium, metallic grey (RAL 9006), traffic white (RAL 9016) or jet black (RAL 9005); end caps and housing baseplate of PA, jet black (RAL 9005)


Spotlight with universal 3-phase track adapter | 3-phase pre-selection via moving of contact pin prior to installation in rail

Lighting technology

Spotlight with LED or for HIT lamps, each with two performance packages and various light distribution characteristics

  • rotationally symmetric narrow distribution 24°
  • rotationally symmetric medium distribution 40°
  • horizontally rotatable (≤ 360°) light head; vertically tiltable 30°…90°

    LED versions with very good colour constancy within the family over the complete lifespan thanks to intelligent binning | high colour rendering, CRI ≥ 93
    Optional dichroic conversion filter or champagne-coloured replacement reflector for optimum displays of fresh goods, and UV or IR filters as accessories with the HIT variants